SkyDreamer. A Journey Around the World.

Water has a freedom that I didn’t have as a boy. It would snake through our farm along the creek bed while my dog Bear and I would watch and ponder. Where had it come from? Where was it going? These experiences inspired me to look beyond the farm in Mississippi. Little did I know… Read more »

Resistance is Futile

  Head Droop is the New Travel Norm. There has been a paradigm shift in how we sleep at 35,000 feet. The good news. There are more seats. The bad news. There’s less room to put down that vodka martini while navigating our ultra-slim modern day laptops.  Perhaps worst, depending on one’s priorities, are the… Read more »

Head Droop has Become Synonymous with Flying Economy Class

  Have you every inconspicuously fallen asleep in economy class only to wake feeling as if you’ve been on display? If so, it could be because today when we drift off, our heads sometimes go flying forward with such vigor that others can’t help but notice our spectacular neck breaking head flops! With less room… Read more »