The SkyDreamer (TM)

Travel has evolved. Your travel pillow should evolve with it.

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Dream in flight. Wake refreshed.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to develop a travel pillow – unless it’s this one. Ergonomically designed for your best flight’s sleep.


Engineered for how we travel today.

IMAGINE being able to fall into a deep sleep while traveling without having your head fly forward and jolting you back into consciousness! There was a time when dreaming in flight and waking refreshed was the norm; when gravity only pulled our heads to one side while we slept in transport to our destinations. Today, with less room to recline, gravity now pulls our heads forward, making it virtually impossible to have a restful sleep.

WE at Outlier Inspired set out to invent a travel pillow that would go mano a mano with gravity. We threw out all preconceptions and put in place a set of visionary design goals aimed at creating a streamlined travel pillow for our time – a creation that would be practical, convenient, and simple to use.

I’m inspired by travel. Many years ago, while looking into the night sky, I decided that I wanted to better understand my connection to my home, Planet Earth.

– Cedric Walker, founder of Outlier Inspired

Be Inspired.
Connect with Others.
Get Knowledge.
And gain an Understanding.


Biomechanics of Sleeping Upright – Rebalancing the Equation

  • Travel has evolved.

    Travel has Evolved

    Your travel pillow should evolve with it.

    Today, travelers are being asked to rest in increasingly more upright positions. This causes what we’ve come to know as “forward head drop.” The SkyDreamer was designed to eliminate this from our travel experience, so that we can once again dream in flight and wake refreshed.

  • Our Solution

  • The Twin Cradle.

    The Twin Cradle

    Evolved Thinking

    We tend to reposition ourselves while we sleep. Our Twin Cradle is designed to allow your head to gently tilt to either side when those moments occur, while still providing unprecedented support when sleeping in a near upright position. And when that moment comes to have a bite to eat or stretch your legs, our symmetrically designed pillow quickly disconnects to balance conveniently on your shoulders.

  • Adjustable Slim Neckband

    Adjustable Slim Neckband

    Less is Best

    Our Slim NeckBand does not push the neck and head forward into an unnatural position. Our design is adjustable to support any head position and neck size and provides light, breathable support.

  • CenterLine Arch

    CenterLine Arch

    When we sleep in a near upright position, our heads are more prone to tilt forward. A logical solution would be to apply direct inline support to prevent this motion. Our testing has revealed that this tends to create an uncomfortable pressure along the center of the chest. Our CenterLine Arch redirects this pressure away from the center chest and redistributes it across the outer chest and shoulders for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

  • Hideaway ToteBag with SingleDraw Carry-on Loop

    Hideaway ToteBag with SingleDraw Carry-on Loop

    Our built-in Hideaway ToteBag assures that you will never have to search for your bag after arriving at the gate. With a single downward flick of your hand, our unique SingleDraw Carry-On Loop draws your bag closed to keep your pillow clean, and also allows for easy attachment to your luggage.


We designed a modern durable travel pillow that stylishly blends with our ensembles and lifestyles.

  • Crinkled Taffeta

    Crinkled Taffeta

    The outer taffeta shell, with its crinkled undulating veneer, blends character with style. Densely woven linen ensures durability while delivering warm, smooth-to-the-touch comfort.

  • Cuddly Poly Suede

    Cuddle Suede

    How the SkyDreamer feels against your skin is important to us. Our low maintenance Cuddle Suede is a strong, yet soft micro suede fabric that is easy to clean.

  • Premium Polyester Fill

    Premium Polyester Fiberfill

    Hand-filling our pillows allows us to use the highest quality of fiberfill. It’s highly resilient, non-allergenic, and has exceptional loft for a feather-light yet firm feel.

  • Ultra Slim Magnetic Fasteners

    Ultra Slim Magnetic Fasteners

    Our magnetic fasteners provide effortless locking and releasing of your Twin Cradle. The interlock feature creates a strong shear-resistant closure, keeping your SkyDreamer firmly in place for the ultimate in support.

  • Low-Profile Hook-Loop Fastener

    Low-Profile Hook-Loop Fastener

    Strong enough to make precise fitting adjustments, yet soft and smooth to the touch, our low-profile hook-loop fasteners will continue performing for years to come.

  • Ripstop Nylon Fabric

    Ripstop Fabric

    Your Hideaway ToteBag is constructed of a strong tear-resistant waterproof nylon fabric to keep your SkyDreamer clean and protected when not in use.

  • Polyester Twill Ribbon

    Twill Ribbon

    The SingleDraw Carry-On Loop is constructed of a wide, rigid polyester twill ribbon for smooth, snag-free closing and opening of your Hideaway ToteBag.

Technical Specs and Care

SkyDreamer Dimensions: Width 11.5 in/29.21 cm, Height 7.25 in/18.41cm, Depth 3.5 in/8.89 cm
Hideaway Tote Bag Dimensions: Height 12 in/30.48cm, Diameter 5.5 in/13.97cm
Weight: 8.6 oz/0.24 kg
Exterior: 55% Polyester, 45% Nylon Taffeta; 100% Cuddle Suede
Interior: 100% Polyester Fiber Fill
ToteBag: 100% Nylon
Care: Damp wipe only. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Air dry. Use lint brush to clean Cuddle Suede. If more thorough cleaning is required, you may wash in a front-load washer with lukewarm water, then air dry.

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